Gobel Group has a strong reputation for being a partner of choice.

Partners of Gobel Group

Gobel Group has a strong reputation for being a partner of choice. We have been maintaining a long and mutually beneficial relationship with all our overseas business partners. This has enabled us to bring into the country advanced technology, management systems, know-how, and work ethics which have all been beneficial to the growth of the Indonesian economy.

Gobel Group’s principal partners since 1960 have been the Panasonic Group of Japan, makers of the ‘Panasonic‘ brand of products worldwide. Along with our business expansions we have successfully built partnership with other notable companies in many sectors.

Today, Gobel Group is the joint venture partner of :

  • Panasonic Corporation, Japan
  • PHC Corporation, Japan
  • Nihon Parkerizing Co.,Ltd., Japan
  • Satake Corporation, Japan
  • Chateraise Group, Japan
  • SMB Kenzai Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, Japan
  • Gruppo Pellegrini S.p.A., Italy

Our Partners


Panasonic Corporation

A Better Life, A Better World
Providing better living for customers through their most innovative technology-based products in a vary spaces and areas.


Nihon Parkerizing Co.,Ltd.

Offering the latest technologies through surface treatment chemicals for a diverse range of purposes while actively pursuing the development of environmentally friendly products


Satake Corporation

SMBKZ is a building material trading company. A joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsui & Co. Ltd., and Marubeni Corporation. Business integration of Sumisho & Mitsuibussan Kenzai Co., Ltd. and Marubeni Building Materials Co., Ltd.


Kaikoukai Healthcare Group

Kaikoukai is a medical group that provides comprehensive medical services, including early detection and prevention, treatment and rehabilitation with highly advanced medical care and lifestyle support.


Chateraise Corporation

Chateraise was established in 1954 in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Manufacture and sale of Western & Japanese confectionery, ice cream, bakery, winery, and other beverages.


Gruppo Pellegrini S.p.A

Pellegrini’s catering service was established in 1965 and today it serves 40 million meals a year in more than 500 service areas in companies, religious communities, health facilities, schools, and the Valentina restaurants, open to the public.
The motto is TI RistoriAMO (literally “we feed you”) means offering healthy, tasty and wholesome meals served by trained and courteous people, to meet the needs and demands of our customers and users.


RYOBI Holdings Co., Ltd (On Going)

Ryobi was originally established in 1910 as a light railway company in Okayama City, Japan and since then yobi has been planing a leading role in public transportation services to this date over 100 years.


Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation was formed out the union of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation, both companies that boast incredibly long histories. For more than 150 years, our business has helped support the development of countless countries and regions. Today, the Sojitz Group consists of approximately 400 subsidiaries and affiliates located in Japan and throughout the world, developing wide- ranging general trading company operations in a multitude of countries and regions.