PHC Holdings Corporation: PHC Sells Its Medical IT Systems to Dharmais Cancer Hospital (National Cancer Center) and Kabupaten Tangerang Regional Public Hospital in Indonesia

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PHC Corporation (hereafter PHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) has sold its medical IT systems to Dharmais Cancer Hospital (National Cancer Center) and Kabupaten Tangerang Regional Public Hospital in Indonesia.

BUSINESS WIRE, TOKYO – Back in May 2017, PHC signed a distributorship agreement with PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara (HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia; Commissioner Chairman: Rachmat Gobel) to make inroads into the Indonesian IT business market. Since then, PHC has developed a medical IT solution and promoted sales. After successfully completing pilot testing at Dharmais Cancer Hospital (National Cancer Center), PHC’s patient registration and reception system has been in full operation at Dharmais Cancer Hospital (National Cancer Center). The system will be ready for shipment to Kabupaten Tangerang Regional Public Hospital shortly thereafter.

“We contribute to the wellbeing of society through our diligent efforts by creating new value for all the people who wish for better health”

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PHC’s patient registration and reception system aims to reduce patient wait time and ease congestion at medical institutions. In Indonesia with a population over 250 million, the national social security program “Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional” came into effect in 2014. This led to a rapid increase in eligible patients, while most medical facilities lack efficient reception systems for accommodating the growing number of patients bound for hospitals. The situation results in severe congestion at medical institutions and is becoming a social issue here. PHC’s system allows patients to interact with it for issuing reception documents. Patient progress status and examination room numbers then are displayed on waiting room monitors. As a result, patient wait time is reduced, easing stress and relieving congested conditions in medical institutions.

Prof. dr. H. Abdul Kadir, President Director of Dharmais Cancer Hospital (National Cancer Center) that has already implemented several PHC’s patient registration and reception system units says, “After installing the system, our hospital staff work load for patient registration was reduced so much that they are really happy with the product. Patient waiting time has been also reduced, enhancing customer satisfaction. I believe we made a right choice with PHC’s system.”

PHC offers value-added products and services for its three core businesses—Medical Devices, Healthcare IT, and Life Sciences. Sales to the two institutions in Indonesia will be the first step in the global expansion of PHC Healthcare IT business.

Takayuki Otsuka, head of the Medical Information Systems (Medicom*1) Division said, “It was back in 1972 that our company launched Japan’s first medical-receipt computer. Since then, we have leveraged our accumulated experience and knowhow to underscore our commitment to provide leading-edge healthcare IT solutions. Aiming to build a next-generation medical solution platform, PHC will expand business into Asian nations based on Indonesia by leveraging our accumulated experiences and knowhow in Japan. We hope to contribute to healthcare quality improvement through developing medical IT solutions for facilitating work efficiency and improving service quality in the medical industry.

*1 Medicom: PHC healthcare IT business/products brand in Japan

About PHC Holdings Corporation

Incorporated in 2014, PHC Holdings Corporation is a global healthcare company. Its subsidiaries include PHC Corporation and Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG. Committed to its corporate mission, “We contribute to the wellbeing of society through our diligent efforts by creating new value for all the people who wish for better health,” the company develops, manufactures, sells and services medical equipment and solutions through its three core businesses for medical devices, healthcare IT and life sciences. PHC Holdings Corporation group’s consolidated net sales in FY2017 marked 192.6 billion yen with global distribution of products and services for more than 125 countries. PHC Holdings Corporation changed its name from Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. in April, 2018.
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About PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara

Established in 1976, PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara is involved in equipment sales and provides services for commercial air-conditioners, automotive batteries, etc. as one of the Gobel group companies. The Gobel Group has an extensive business portfolio in Indonesia including manufacturing and sales of electric appliances, distributions, foods, real estate and services. Through its broad business network including healthcare facilities, PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara has been growing business and is highly recognized in the Indonesian market.
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